Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between a General Contractor and a Builder?
A. As builders we perform the actual construction of your project or a component of the project. As GC we would handle and coordinate the entire project including all specialty tradesmen needed from plumbers to electricians.

Q. Do you obtain required permits and facilitate needed inspections?
A. Absolutely. We take all the worry of permits, inspections and scheduling off your shoulders!

Q. Are you licensed and properly insured?
A. We are licensed to perform all functions we provide, and can provide certificates of insurance from liabilities to workers compensation.

Q. What impact will our project have on our daily lives?
A. One of the things our years of experience has taught us the importants of minimizing the inconvenience to the homeowner. The extent of the project will varry the impact, but we work hard to take every step possible to make the impact on you the least obtrusive possible.